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Вс, 25-02-18, 11:57
Приветствую Вас ~Неопределённый~ |

Новый сайт Сайт неофициальный сайт ИПП, который был основан студентами ИПП поступившими в 2005 году. В этом году мы закончили ВУЗ и хотели бы пригласить вас на новый проект , там можно найти много полезного и интересного:
1. Рефераты, курсовые и дипломные работы от студентов ИПП и других ВУЗов. Все материалы эксклюзивны и переданы лично их авторами.
2. Администрация сайта постоянно добавляет новые тесты для самопроверки на основе конспектов лекций ИПП. Преподаватели могут подключаться
3. На форуме сайта можно приятно пообщаться со студентами как ИПП так и других ВУЗов и обсудить последние новости.

Остальные плюсы увидете сами. Ждём Вас!

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Вопросы абитуриентов
CiseJentJinlyДата: Ср, 12-06-13, 20:34 | Сообщение # 1071
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SkashcastДата: Ср, 12-06-13, 20:40 | Сообщение # 1072
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invognireДата: Ср, 12-06-13, 22:10 | Сообщение # 1073
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jrjzddxfДата: Чт, 13-06-13, 00:28 | Сообщение # 1074
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Different market but to be good at"Urban sale thinking"For transnational corporation, go to the countryside is a complex task apparently. "We do not have the experience that runs in low level market. "Li jiang says.Rich builds advisory president gao jianfeng to tell a reporter, in process of the explore below a brand that cross a state, construction of product price, channel and likelihood come up against all sorts of copy to risk a product to wait is the problem that need thinks carefully.At present the practice of go to the countryside and big city do not have adidasi distinction.Li jiang says, 9 years Adidasi checks tomorrow low level market is to belong to try moving phase, still do not know these markets are right now the acceptance of the price degree how.The agency of market of low nevertheless level selects masses price product chronically when order goods.And to be able to bear or endure the gram will be rolled out in low price product, be able to bear or endure the news that gram company represents to have not master this respect at present. "Be able to bear or endure gram and the scale that adidasi needs to enlarge medium-Priced product appropriately is not with low race to control in low end the market, can hurt image of brand of its high end otherwise. "Afore-Mentioned agency that ever served yu an to step tell a reporter, inside endowment how does the brand step, li ning, the 65 ï¼… that the price of product of same function, fabrics, series is foreign capital brand are controlled.Be equal to gramxu zhihua of ceo of sporting goods limited company also thinks, be able to bear or endure the possibility that the gram rolls out series low product is not large, because price fixed position is very significant, roll out individual design possibly instead.He says to be able to bear or endure the gram ever moved low case 2009, but be opposite the sale of a gram does not have an influence.Nevertheless gao jianfeng thinks, 34 lines market has vast purchasing power to had be notted arouse, this also is the main reason that brand of a lot of a gleam of plays detective now.Be able to bear or endure gram, adidasi should control good sale area only, notice the tone sex of the brand, assure main character, so spin the product line, product that rolls out different price, finite to the influence of the brand.Endowment of inside and outside is close-Fitting battle adidasi is in a strategy of optional location of set up shop of low level market is, see place whether have how to step, li ning inside endowment the door inn of the brand and sell fire, so open a store by.The explore below market of brand of apparent foreign capital is not small to the menace of domestic company.Interesting is, be able to bear or endure those who overcame the message that will roll out low shoe to cause the stock market directly is queasy.Because of all along the base camp that 34 lines market is domestic brand.Xu zhihua tells a reporter, what each enterprise goes all out now is brand and terminal, up to by august 2010, be equal to the gram sells a network to already amounted to 6949 in chinese cent, than june the bottom increases 153, at present set up shop still is given priority to with 3 lines market, because this market is the basis place of a gram.Meanwhile, be equal to gram, how to step etc inside endowment the brand also is being advanced quickly"The country surrounds a city"Set up shop is politic.At present be equal to the gram has been in beijing, shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen to wait for a city to leave gave store of 200 much doors.Xu zhihua laugh says not to fear close-Fitting competition.
AstevaappeageДата: Чт, 13-06-13, 00:28 | Сообщение # 1075
Группа: Неизвестные

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BromyCaraДата: Чт, 13-06-13, 00:57 | Сообщение # 1076
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DanielGeneДата: Ср, 19-02-14, 09:08 | Сообщение # 1080
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